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Discover Maestro

The All-In-One platform for Brands, Student Athletes, and Schools for successful partnerships.

Website and mobile app coming soon. 

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Why Maestro

No one cares more about the student-athlete than Maestro. Our platform is designed to put the athlete first. From learning how to build a personal brand to always staying in compliance with high school regulations. We have you covered.

Streamline your success

The All-In-One NIL Marketplace for Student Athletes, Schools, and Brands

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Post on the feed.

Let the world know you made a big play by posting a short video to the social feed.

Streamlined  for administrators

Never worry about compliance again.

Is this you?

A day in the life of the average student athlete.

Stay compliant

Every athletic directors favorite platform.

Track athlete earnings.

With our robust athlete dashboard.


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Get notified and become a beta tester

Start earning money while building your personal brand.


Connect with the perfect athletes to boost your brand and community.


Never worry about NIL compliance again.


This is not a moment, it's a movement.

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